Classically Brilliant - Pride and Prejudice

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Classically Brilliant - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading"

At the beginning of 2014 I set myself a challenge to read the classics book that have gone down in history as out literary heritage so in between posts about my life I thought I would write about the books that I read. Book one - Pride and Prejudice, I have to say after reading this book I see what true love really is. True love is not one moment, one kiss, one declaration of love. Pure unadulterated love is a million moments, thousands of kisses and every day you are told again that they love you. This unlike many other romantic books is portrayed by Jane Austen so perfectly. The love between Mr Darcy and Lizzie is slow but remains through hope and the fact that above anything else they would do anything for each other.

I thought that all of the characters shone through with the type of realism sometimes lost in the thick threads of the story line, Jane the sweet perfect elder sister, sweet but not sickly. Lydia the Bennet family flirt gently weaves together layers of difficulty, near disgrace, scandal and Mr Darcy who races around stitching up the gaping holes of destruction Wickham leaves behind. The only character I feel I didn't get to grips with properly was one of the youngest of the Bennet family - Kitty. Catherine, known to the family as Kitty, follows Lydia around giggling and generally acting like a weak kitten, consequently I am always left feeling quite sorry for her.

My personal favourite character however has to be Mrs Bennet. It may seem an odd choice but she the eccentric mother who is a bit of a hypochondriac and who has such incredible matchmaking plans that would put many other people to shame. Though silly and a little bit fruity she truly wants the best for her children - at least she wants her idea of best and she's not afraid to got the most roundabout route to get it.

I absolutely recommend the book and having also watched the 2005 film I would also recommend that - love both Keira Knightley and Rosamund Pike!

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