What about a List?

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I like making lists, I think everyone does. I like musicals, and I like procrastinating and I like the Gilmore Girls, here's why:

Ten reasons why singing in the rain is the best musical made into film

1) have you seen the ending concert?!
2) they sing at all times of the day (and in different languages I mean for 2 am that's an achievement)
3) no one is embarrassed to break into song in any situation
4) it's set when people still called films moving motion pictures and sound was just coming in - ipso facto their voices are incredible and vaguely unrealistic
5) ok the ending has to come in again because - what an ending*
6) inside the musical is a film with incredible costumes
7) someone literally jumps out a cake
8) Lina's voice is something you would never hear out of a movie set in the 20s
9) Great love element
10) who else could get away with singing about singing?

'Billy Elliot' is also pretty darn good, so is 'West Side Story' basically a lot of musicals are good.

*Spoiler Alert: by ending I mean the premiere just before the end where Lina has to sing and gets caught out.

5 reasons why procrastination is positive
1) the extra time you get to think means surely the work will end up better
2) procrastination often means snacks like chocolate
3) you can't do it by halves or by unusual numbers so 12 minutes rounds nicely to 20 which rounds well to 30
4) it literally means not doing the work
5) what you don't do now you can forget about and panic about later, if you forget the panic it is basically perfect

5 lessons to learn from the Gilmore girls
1) coffee is nectar from the heavens which allow me to walk around and pretend to be real
2) when in doubt make a joke and learn humorous comebacks
3) it is ok to stress out have a bit of a freak and have a wallow
4) sometimes people will annoy you and by people I mean everyone
5) even though it's scary sometimes you have to take a risk and sometimes it can be really really scary
So here you go there's a few lists, I mean personally I could list forever but three is enough for the moment.

That's all for now,

The clumsy word shaker

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