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An interesting change of pace from my current reading was the discovery of Poldark.
After catching a couple of the BBC episodes I drifted into Waterstones and walked out clutching a copy of the Cornwall classic. I decided first to have a  little google which almost definitely follows any piece of information I get given.

So, I had a look at Poldark and discovered that the show has beaten its ITV rivals of 'Mr Selfridge' in viewers, by getting 7 million views each Sunday night. It appears period dramas have taken over, which is probably because at that time a miscommunication could not be dealt with by messaging your neighbour on social media with a smiley face, so the problems tended to get worse and worse until either someone dies or everything crashes down, often simultaneously and often after having a quick gallop on a horse by a raging sea in a downpour.

I must admit that the episodes are pretty fast paced - one second Elizabeth is engaged and two episodes later she is christening her son. I think we are moving at approximately a year per episode if the timeline of the books are anything to go by. The screenwriters are, in episode 4, already in book two. Although it does stop the story line getting dry. I have to admit I'm hooked!

So other than the incredibly well designed costumes that makes jeans and a t-shirt of our generation look pitiful what makes Poldark so popular? Is it the love interests or the way that issues from that time are still seen and being dealt with today? Or perhaps, as the scriptwriter Debbie Horsfield suggests it is that we are taking a fresh look at a classic, translating it to modern day to a modern audience, and this fresh look much the the 70s version, is captivating audiences.

Perchance, classic books do not become old because we as the reader revitalise them. We have the ability to draw from them beauty and stories which are not forgotten because we do not forget. We still have the same problems because for all of the technological advances, we are still the same people, facing love and hate and prejudice and jealousy.

So to end, I definitely recommend taking a look at Poldark which is on BBC1 Sunday at 21:00. Enjoy it and unlike me try not to look up anything on google and possibly give the books a go. Let me know what you think of the books and the programme and my blog.

Have a wonderful weekend,
The Clumsy Word Shaker

 Pic: from ITV studios http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Q7GMeMKBXO4/VSoUlucb9jI/AAAAAAAAAD8/0LgxGJigMp0/s1600/PoldarkCast.jpg

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