So here we are at the beginning...

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I'm sitting watching 80s tv programmes and wondering what I want to do with my life. At this moment in time I am continually told I can doing anything - except well I really do have to exclude maths which is a definite low point in my otherwise reasonable education. It seems like I can do what I like but really what I have to look forward to is hard decisions and watching Bridget jones trying not to make links to my own life - I'll stick away from cigarettes but unfortunately I find it hard to imagine two good looking men would stick to me. Thinking about it maybe we aren't that similar although we both have distinct problems with hair and exercise. It seems like if I'm ever going somewhere important or hoping to make a good impression my hair will frizz up like a sheep. As for exercise, well, that is a particularly interesting story having spent many hours outside on a netball court or on astro turf gradually going from pink to blue to purple. Not my idea of fun. Every so often I attempt to give myself a new exercise plan try and get away from the old school P.E lessons and start to actually gain a level of fitness not depressingly embarrassing.

Anyway so in order not to drop into non-existence I decided to write this only trouble was I couldn't work out what to write about. After a long hard think I've decided to write about my life, from the end of exams, university to my hopeless desire to walk into a Katherine Heigl film, meet the Duchess of Cambridge (I apologise in advance for the amount of stuff I may post about her) and become a writer.

That's all for now

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