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Stress, particularly exam stress for all those people who are looking forward to a nice selection of exams this summer is getting to a fragile point. Everything gets pushed to one side and piled up and it can get tough especially when you’re also worrying about the future. This goes for all those other people out there as well, who are worrying about finances and a million other things.
It can be really scary and I’m certainly not an expert but if it helps, I hope you feel all right. So here’s what I do if I’m starting to feel a bit stressed as Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich says: “Thinking very often resembles napping...”

1. Watch an old movie – one that is predictable
2. Don’t watch anything that is particularly sad or angry – just something so so
3. Read a good book (I totally recommend the Rosie Effect)
4. Eat well (but indulge yourself too)
5. Take some time out to give your weary little brain a rest 
6. You always have a bit of time – use it to do something that you always say you don’t have time for
7. Get to bed early – it helps, honest
8. Don’t look at a computer screen or anything for the while – have an evening off – go on. Can you manage it?
9. Do some exercise (for some people this helps, I prefer sleeping more but anyway)
10. Finally, put things in perspective, put all your worries in little boxes and then sort each one out, one at a time. 

Don't worry about things,Treat yourself! 

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