A Disney Fairytale: What is love?

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"I love you”, three words that mean the world, that sell millions of books and songs and is the basis of so many TV programmes and films. But most of the time it is people being thwarted, getting to the point where they give up on love and then eventually after hardship and difficulty, they find it. So why, if so many people want love, is it so hard to find?

The first time most people come into contact with love and romance is in a Disney film. A lot of people think that Disney films make people, especially girls, feel like they need someone else to protect them. Personally, I believe that when there are so many divorces, and unhappy endings, for young children to see that someone could love them enough to do anything for them – that is the kind of love that they deserve. I don’t think young children feel that they need someone, that as girls they aren’t capable, I think that they play both characters and that they see simply a fairytale, a dream. 

In reality, you don’t end up singing barefoot in a field magically joining in a duet with your one true love. It is difficult, when so many people want something that no one can properly describe. When you are little, love seems inevitable, it is only when you are older that you realise it may not be that simple. Hundreds of people offer their advice, their description their ideas on what makes love a success or how to find it. I’m not going to do that because I am in no position to. What I will say is, look for love but don’t search for it. Don’t hesitate if you find it, and know that you deserve the best.
I’m awful, I read romantic books and watch romantic films, and I guess what the basis of this post is, is what someone told me recently. Love is not defined by romantic love; it is so much more than that because love extends beyond family and friends. Love can even be toward a perfect stranger.
What I would really love this week is if people would comment below with their descriptions of what love is.

Have a wonderful week! 

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Titanic, 1st picture from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, 2nd from Bridesmaisds

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