Bucket Lists

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So hello everyone!

This week after looking at two of my favourite boards on Pinterest https://uk.pinterest.com/aiossa0510/bucket-lists/ and https://uk.pinterest.com/mynconner/bucket-lists/ all about Bucket lists, which are things you want to do in your life, I decided to write a post about them. I know from experience that sometimes, particularly when thinking about University and jobs and the general direction of life, it is difficult to know what to do.

So you can think about life in two ways.
1.    Major milestones of life, typically University/Vocational course, Career goals, Marriage/Long –term Partner, Children. These are things people work a long time towards, and there are only so many of these milestones you pass in life.
2.    Secondly you can think about life in small moments, that exact moment where you turn in the sun and look over at the town you love, the moment you give some money to charity, or when you realise your friends really care, when you ride horseback along the sand or climb Mount Everest. 
A lot of people think bucket lists are quite sad things, you know, they are things to tick off your list before you “kick the bucket” but what it really is, is a list of small moments, moments that you can look back on and smile. They are the times in your life, that are all the between bits, all the parts you remember. Of course people will still want to achieve those major life moments but it is good to remember how much you have achieved, even if it doesn’t fit into those little four/five boxes.

Here is a list of 12 things on my bucket list, let me know what’s on yours:
1.    Create a blog that at least1000 people follow
2.    Learn sign language
3.    Write a book
4.    Go to a festival
5.    Go to all seven continents
6.    Make someone smile from a secret random act of kindness
7.    Be on the all forms of media: Newspaper, Television and Radio
8.    Spend a weekend in my pyjamas with a duvet and ice cream and chocolate and just watch ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Friends’.
9.    Have a really romantic moment
10.  Climb a mountain
11.  Go to all places beginning with a letter e.g. all places ‘V’, Vienna, Venice, Venezuela
12.  Walk along a beach at sunset