Socks and Sandals?

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Now I’m no fashion expert but to be honest I used to believe that socks and sandals together were always a definite no no! According to ‘Topshop’ however this is this season’s latest hit.

So other than socks and sandals, which I firmly believe came into fashion because the models feet were getting cold, what else is in fashion right now according to high street brands?
Duchess of Cambridge in lace dress
Duchess in striped top
Suede, suede skirts, shoes, tops, and bags for the less adventurous of you out there. This season we are going vaguely cow girl, I would just advise that you don’t wear all your new suede items at once – overload!! To go with this hot weather outfits, patterns particularly stripes are an addition to your wardrobe that is cheap and easy to find.
After having done a bit of extra research apart from the tens of emails I get from the various brands each week, I discovered that as always floral dresses, lace and delicate spring looks are still in! Well done to us for hanging onto that classic yet very summery look.
Made in Chelsea's Lucy in Aztec Dress
There are some things which always seem to come back, chunky jumpers in winter, floral pastels in summer and others like socks and sandals, which disappear quickly.
So moving on from some additions which you may wish to add to your wardrobe, the crucial thing is who has been wearing it? Who has inspired these crazes of yellow gardening shoes and Aztec skirts?
Duchess of Cambridge in striped top and  blazer
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