Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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The amount of times where my computer has crashed or I've deleted parts of my blog and it's needed  to be fixed are too many.

Unlike me, the people in the I.T crowd computer genius' who know exactly how to work computers although aren't great with their social skills. Jen, on the other hand, played by Katherine Parkinson who now has another major channel 4 role in 'Humans' with the robotic synth is more like most people, she lies on her CV and has no idea about anything to do with computers - she doesn't even know what I.T stands for (information technology for those of you who aren't sure).

Unlike me, who fixes a computer virus by accidentally downloading another in the form of an antivirus programme, they deal with all the problems for all of the computers.
Their people problems made me think of when I'm introduced to new people. It's always so awkward to begin with trying to find common ground. It reminds me of Mindy Kaling's plan to make people like you.
1. Compliment them
2. Find common ground for example: a TV programme you both watch
3. Come bearing gifts (this only works if you are going somewhere that is appropriate for gift bearing (basically most events)
4. Agree with everything they say

OK, have you ever heard of the saying, once you know the rules you can break the rules. So here: if you don't have any TV programme you both watch, you don't share similar music or play sports, then research something they do. Go to the toilet, excuse yourself and look up whatever it is that they are interested. But be warned, you only know very little so don't begin by sounding like it would be your mastermind topic, perhaps begin with "I wasn't sure of x rule or their latest song or the new plot line" wait for them to talk about it and simply nod and once they have accidentally taught you things you can continue. Also gifts can be expensive and often unnecessary so you can often drop that rule.
Agree with everything they say unless you are massively opposed to whatever it is, or they are are just wrong.

Embrace who you are, be it nerd or social butterfly or utterly gullible. Prepare to change like Moss and Roy do, as they learn more about people and Jen as she finally realises that the people who she simply saw as geeky men in a basement are nice people who becomes her friends.If you're not sure what type of person you are, or if you are so certain that you never want to change no matter what then perhaps it is time for a reboot.

Photos courtesy of Channel 4s IT Crowd, gifs from tumblr and channel4.com and io9.com

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