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This weekend was full of culture, full of people, and full of music.
I began this weekend listening to a beautiful, talented string quartet in the centre of Birmingham. From Bach to Shostakovich, from foreign lands and from Russia with love it was truly a joy to listen to. Thinking about music, the BBC is getting ready for the Proms one of the biggest and most spectacular events of the year and if you can get tickets then definitely go for it.
After I got my fill of musical culture I moved on into the art world. In the 'Love is Enough' exhibition was a William Morris and Andy Warhol. Morris born 24th March 1834 in the United Kingdom and famous for his wallpaper and textile design. Warhol, an American artist and pioneer in the pop art movement. You might wonder what brings these two excellent artists together as they produce such different types of work. However, they have more in common than you think. They share common themes and ideas, both artists take on similar ideas and both are outstanding in their fields.
Both artists grew up immersed in mythology and romance, where Morris found his beauty in literature, Warhol found his in the glamour of Hollywood.  Morris grew up in a wealthy household and even owned a Shetland Pony that he rode in a specially made suit of armour and his obsession with beauty and idyllic life continued throughout his work. He revisited King Arthur and the related myths many times most famously in a series of six holy grail tapestries that he made with his friend Edward Burne-Jones.
Warhol was brought up in a working class family that was devoutly Catholic. He would spend his days writing to stars to ask for autographs.
Overall, my favourite part of Andy Warhol  was the iconic Elizabeth Taylor painting and Jackie Onassis
Tulip and willow by Morris was amazing, initially he was horrified with block printer and changed the colours to prussian blue instead of more subtle grey blue shades he had envisaged.

All in all, a very cultured and exciting weekend. Let me know any upcoming events on twitter @theclumsyword and I will pass on the word and and see if I can check it out
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Have a wonderful week,
The Clumsy Word shaker

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