The Politeness of a British Person

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British people are renowned for commenting on weather and spending hours in queues.
The thing is that the average British person is annoyed at least five times everyday, the unfairness as someone pushes in the queue, that driver that doesn't merge IN TURN, or that screaming child on a train journey. The thing is we are all too polite to do anything about it. I think the operative word here is - nice. 
We are all too nice.  We let the people push in front or the child scream because if we complained then other people would get annoyed that we were making a big deal out of something little - even if they were all equally annoyed. So we just leave it. 
Of course, there is always that one person who says what they think and all of those people doing the irritating. They're British too, how come they aren't too nice.  Well, I think it's because they aren't aware often that what they are doing is annoying other people, it's just a lack of not being aware and not bothering to find out because no one has ever had a problem with it before. It is kind of a vicious cycle.
So this puts British people into two groups and at some point everyone overlaps. Group 1: perpetually annoyed, never says a word. Group 2: the annoyer - doesn't realise or doesn't care.
Most people in group 1 give people in group 2 the benefit of the doubt, or curse them silently. One of the two. This is generally because the one time you actually complain to this person who has bumped into you and you've tripped, you realise they're blind and you tripped over their stick - to avoid such an incident again you never complain. 
The other great British trait is apologising, apologising to inanimate objects and for getting in the way, for having a bag in someone else's space or eating a bit loudly.  Whatever you can think of, we probably apologise for it.
From this you might think we are all pushovers, the weird contradictory thing about the Brits is their strong sense of fairness. They will share with friends and families their experiences of the shouty child and the traffic related incidents. They will complain to people who were not there and we are united in annoyance.

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