Dylan Thomas: Wales

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The poet was born on the 27th october 1914 and was encouraged from the very beginning to love words.

He was born to a middle class family in Wales, they all spoke English although his times in the hills and valleys introduced him to the beauty of the Welsh language. Many of his happiest childhood memories are from happy holidays in rural Carmarthenshire with Aunt Annie and Uncle Jim at Fernhill farm."The memories of childhood have no order and no end".

He regularly skipped lessons to spend time writing reading drama and debating
as well as his sporting interests particularly in cricket.He left school at 16 with only one qualification in English but had already started poetry notebooks. He filled up ten notebooks which gave him material for many years afterwards and he developed his poetic identity by writing long insightful letters to friends.

Dylan Thomas became famous for his unusual use of words and the performance element to his poetry. He was a meticulous writer and would often spend years trying to find the right words. A place he commonly talked about was Cwmdonkin park which he called his world within the world of the sea and the related myths he liked to reminisce about childhood His loved radio broadcast was about growing up in Swansea.
As well as doing his own poetry he would also support other poets such as Vernon Watkins, who called Dylan Thomas a poet of extraordinary genius. 

To show the scale of his poetry one of his most famous works 'Under Milk Wood' was translated into over thirty different languages and his words live on and influenced people throughout time like the Beatles and Bob Dylan. 
"I labour by singing light"

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