Jurassic World: Bigger, scarier, more teeth

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Recently I went to see Jurassic World and I have to admit it was bigger, it was scarier and there were definitely more teeth.

Chris Pratt at the moment is my true favourite actor, from Parks and Recreation where he is an utter goofball to being in charge and knowledgeable about raptors of all kinds in Jurassic world. He plays his part as Owen the man in charge of looking after the four raptors and later in charge of getting the Indominus rex back into its cage. The Indominus Rex is genetically modified and as well as getting the traits it needed in order to be bigger and scarier and to get more customers to the parks as by this point, dinosaurs are very much last year, the Rex also got some other traits that makes it a little bit more difficult to control.

Bryce Dallas Howard, who was Hilly in 'The Help' plays Claire who is in stark contrast to Owen. She begins with a pristine bob hair cut and a clinical white skirt suit and high heels and as she gets more and more into the action of saving the guests in danger and rescuing her visiting nephews her outfit gets dirtier and more ragged showing the change in her as a character and how she finally realises that the park should not be just for money, they are real dinosaurs, real animals and should be treated so. The one thing I do have to say though, is although I appreciate how they all got dirty and their clothes became ripped how did she continue to run in rough terrain in heels? I think you have to suspend reality and live in movie magic.

Owen, is funny. His funny comments and the fact that he is always one step ahead in thinking leads the two nephews to end up saying they want to stay with him for the duration of the problem, not Claire, him. So there is humour, there is a bit of a secondary storyline, clearly Claire and Owen had been on a date before and their developing relationship is very interesting as well as the family links with the nephews and how they react to situations.

Overall, an excellent fourth installment to the franchise and I did notice that by allowing the chief scientist to escape carrying a few embryos and some leading comments by a character who wanted the raptors to be trained for war, I can see a sequel in the future.

If you get a chance go and see it or get it on DVD when it comes out - Christmas present perhaps? What films are you looking forward to seeing? Have you seen any good films recently?

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