Shorthand: reviving a lost art #1

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Every week I am going to try and write a short post about my journey learning shorthand. A technique used by journalists but as computers are getting easier and easier to use writing is losing its way and so I thought I would learn it and be one less person who forgot.

I started off by picking a type of shorthand, you might not know this but there are many different versions of shorthand, Pitman, Teeline which are commonly used in the UK where I am based but other countries have other common versions of shorthand. As well as this, within Pitman there is the older version and the updated version so it was difficult to pick what to do.

In the end I decided to go for Teeline, I picked this because it speeds up writing and is easier to learn because there is a logic to the letters. Plus, Pitman does use different widths of line and I didn't have pens to do this. Some journalists and other people who need to write quickly use Teeline as well although I am sure there are those out there who probably still use the other versions. Let me know if you have ever tried shorthand what you found was better.

Firstly I began by getting my resources together. I used the brilliant Ebay and bought 'Teeline Shorthand' by Harry Butler which is easy to use and explains things to make it easier to remember. I started by learning the alphabet and used the variety of exercises to start learning to recognise letters and recognise when letters together.

My task for you this week is to learn the alphabet, test yourself and let me know how you get on. I must admit it isn't too easy I am finding it difficult to recognise the difference between O,U and W but I will continue. Have you had any specific trouble? How did you overcome it?

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