Shorthand: reviving a lost art #2

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This is the second week in my journey learning shorthand and I began to join the different letters together.  At first it was just two letters but by Monday it was whole words that I had begun to form. I struggled with some of the letters at the end of the alphabet and some of the odd rules that applied to certain joins such as a T or D must not be joined to an R there must be a small gap and so on.
Also, some words such as 'of' and 'the' have special symbols that should eventually make it quicker to read and write.
If you are also learning Teeline, I would suggest little and often. I'm trying, in the mornings, to do at least a few translating the shorthand back to English.
Next up is going back over everything I've done but swapping round. Instead of translating shorthand to English I will be doing the same exercises but English to shorthand. This is more tricky than you might imagine, especially if they are random words you wouldn't expect.
By the next time about learning shorthand I should have gone back over exercises and started to properly learned how to read and write words. If you fancy learning alongside me the post about me starting to learn is here: .
This week grab a book with some exercise, I suggested a book in my first post. Get going, give it a try. If you are bored on holiday why not learn something new?
Let me know how you get on!
Have a wonderful week,
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