Shorthand: reviving a lost art #3

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This week is the third week of me trying to learn Shorthand and I have to say it's getting more tricky!
So far my speed is ridiculously slow I'm like a snail with a pencil and now instead of just having letters I have words and some words have special symbols. Words like 'the' 'of the', basically all phrases that includes the word the plus a few extras. I'm trying hard to remember but it is not too easy.
The other thing I have learnt this week is 'ch' which is a small c attached to a vertical line, 'sh' with is literally just an s. These come up a lot but Teeline is mainly phonetics with a few other bits and pieces like you put the h in 'who' even though you can't hear it. This got me confused when I had to write a sentence about a new machine - sounds like 'sh' spelt 'ch' how confusing is that? In case you were wondering, you use the symbol for 'ch' when writing machine.
If you are learning shorthand as well whichever version let me know how you are getting on! What are you having trouble with? How fast can you write at the moment?
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