A New Term, a New College

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Hello everyone!
I have some news to share with you, so I recently got into this sixth form college and I am going to have to start commuting in to get there by train - which is truly exciting.
I am nervous, meeting new people and starting new classes but all in all I am looking forward to it hugely.
This means I will probably have a little less time on Twitter, please bear with me on that and trust that I will be posting new content as often as I can, I have some good posts lined up.
The one thing I may have to put on hold for the moment is my weekly shorthand post, I will keep you up to date.
I will keep up with my monthly book review, that will be coming out in Friday and I will also be keeping up with my week in pictures.
Let me know if there is anything you would like me to talk about on my blog, if you would like me to review your product or book email me theclumsywordshaker@gmail.com .
I hope you understand, I will let you know how it is all going.

Have a wonderful week,

The Clumsy Wordshaker

Photo Courtesy of  http://www.morethanasundayfaith.com/

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