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As promised I thought I would tell you my thoughts on the first of the Poldark series, the inspiration for the first half of the recent BBC programme.

At first I thought it may be a slow read, a difficult book that would need to be sandwiched between entertaining, reliable books I already know. It was not like that at all.
The complex war veteran Ross, returning to a life he had not planned,  the woman he had planned to marry engaged to his cousin, Francis and his home near ruins complete with two lazy servant. Match this with the fragile Elizabeth who always seems to have something more bubbling beneath the surface and her gambler husband who is unable to match the bets of richer gentry. As if this wasn't enough add in the spiteful gossip Ruth Teague and the sweet but plain  Verity and you have got the world of Poldark plus a few other gentry and a developing enemy (George W
But by the middle (spoiler alert) you have the developing urchin Demelza who follows the classic Cinderella story of rags to riches, from having crawlers to wearing lace dresses. But of course this rapid (by rapid, Ross and Demelza know each other for about four years before the change so not too rapid) change causes problems especially when Demelza's do father Tom Carne comes for a visit.
I most enjoyed the drama of the Cornish world that Winston Graham creates and the gossip and whispers that surround the world of Ross Poldark. I like the serious concern Rarleggan).

oss has for the mining community as well as his humorous remarks (particularly when talking to Demelza). There are a number of interweaving storylines, Ross getting back into society, the love triangle with Elizabeth and Francis, Verity and Captain Blamey  (I won't spoil that for you)as well as Ross' relationship with Demelza.

I would say, give it a go. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have briefly abandoned my list of books to read in order to read the second book 'Demelza'.
Let me know what you are reading, have you read 'Poldark' - what did you think?

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Prudie and Jud : Ross' troublesome servants 
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