Shorthand: reviving a lost art #4

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This week I have been continuing to learn shorthand and I have been looking at different sounds - I have also got a brand new notebook which is from Paperchase and is particularly lovely.
I have started to do double letters, instead of having to write every letter in a word I'm starting to condense.

Teeline uses a lot of phonetic sounds and since I am not young enough to have done phonics at school, but I think basically anyone could do it it isn't that tricky, what is tricky is making on the into one word - people at school go on about the importance of spacing and then here we and people are asking me to merge words can you believe it?

There was an entire chapter on the letter 'H' so I did all of those exercises and then double vowels was actually difficult because you don't think about how 'OU' sounds differently to 'OO' and how they sometimes are like 'W' and you have to write each in a different way.

Some of the words and sentences are a little old fashioned and because you don't know the topic that also makes it harder to guess the words but if you are also learning then here is a trick, write the letters that you see and then coninue reading and writing the rest of the sentence and you may be able to make a more educated guess.

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