The Decoy Bride: Sweet, Funny, Fantastic

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'The Decoy Bride' starring Kelly Macdonald, Alice Eve and David Tennant is probably one of his lesser known films.

The story was written by the amazingly talented Sally Phillips who was also in 'Miranda' where David Tennant a fairly so-so author named James Arber who had based a book in Hegg (a tiny island near Scotland) is about to marry Lara Tyler (Alice Eve) a beautiful, famous actress from America. Also on the island is the only single woman left, Katie (Kelly Macdonald) who is nursing a broken heart having just been told by her boyfriend that "only a song and not a whole album".

So, it turns out that James Arber (Tennant) has never actually visited Hegg and so Lara's personal assistants (Sally Phillips and Michael Urie) have a job transforming the castle and local area for James and Lara's secret wedding away from the paparazzi which continues to hound her.

One persistent photographer finds them out which leads to a fabulous idea that they should use Katie as a decoy bride so that Lara can escape and marry in private. One problem though, Katie signs her own name so her and James are legally married - oops!

I have to say I haven't laughed so hard in a while, Katie (Macdonald) is a normal, confused girl, who nearly drowns, is a local girl looking after her disabled mother and may or may not reside in the local toilet/wildlife centre.

If you are ever in the mood of a good romantic comedy, something that unlike many others still has a strong comic underline. Something that is wonderful and down-to-earth.

Have a wonderful week, if you get a chance, watch the film and remember one chapter really can be a whole book.

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