Word of the Week 10/9/15

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This week what with everything being new, one topic came up a lot and so this is why my word of the week is:


Having moved somewhere new I'm still getting to know people and missing my old friends, some of whom I have known since I was not even one.  Everyone wants a group where you can have a laugh and feel like yourself, but it can take a while to get used to people.

I went out with my old group to the restaurant Bills, and it felt fantastic to sip pink lemonade and eat a big classic Bills hamburger whilst enjoying being dressed up and with people that I missed seeing every day. You know what, it didn't feel like I had missed a thing.

After such a wonderful evening, I really felt like going back. Being with my friends again and not having to deal with meeting new people and making new friends. The long commute is tough and makes my days very long.

I probably would have done. It's still very tempting.
You see, I've just started to meet some people and on the train I started to feel a bit like myself, to show my flaws and be able to laugh about them.

I can't say that I don't miss my friends, but I'm starting to feel that my group instead of shrinking might just expand.
The Reading Residence

(As my friends, particularly new friends, don't want their faces on the Internet I have instead put a picture of some wonderful decorations from a brilliant party and some celebratory ribbon that was in Liberty London)

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  1. So lovely to read that you're making new friends, and what a great attitude to have towards it, too, as expanding your friendship group. I hope the bonds continue to form and you continue to enjoy college x Thanks for sharing with #WotW