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This week my word of the week is:


As you might already know I'm starting a new college this week, I had my first induction day on Thursday and I am starting officially next week! Exciting times, everyone.  I have a brand new photocard and for the first time ever it is actually a pretty decent picture, so that's good as I have to keep it for a few years. It goes very nicely with my neat Cath Kidston pencil case of highlighters and my now very organised pencil case.

I also have bought myself a new pair of grey sand shoes and very luckily I got them today and I am looking forward to wearing them - so comfortable for the train journeys and walk I have with my new college. So, with new shoes and armed with a train ticket I got ready to go to my scary new college. Sadly I will not be able to simply wear my new shoes every day I will have to interchange, since Topshop brought out the latest style as socks and sandals, can you get away with socks and flats?

As well as a new pair of shoes I have also watched 'The Decoy Bride' with Alice Eve, David Tennant and Kelly MacDonald (a review is coming soon). I have to say I really enjoyed it! Very funny and a really great way to end my holiday - I cannot believe that after so many weeks everyone is back to work and school!

Has anyone else got anything new? Anything that now they have it, they can't believe how they lived life before they owned it.

Until next week, have a wonderful time,
The Clumsy Wordshaker

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  1. Exciting! Goodluck with the start of a new chapter in your life! I am sure its going to be awesome =) #wotw

    1. Thank you both very much - it's going well so far #wotw

  2. Exciting times! I do hope you enjoy your new college course and the shoes remain comfy! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x