Wrong Train

By 17:57 ,

This week I got on the wrong train, I was going to god knows where and I didn't know how to get home. I managed to catch a train back to where I started in time for my train but they wouldn't let me on- no room apparently. According to some friends there was space. I have to admit I did have a little cry as I watched my train leave and know it would be another two hours before I was at home.
I felt miserable. But when I finally got on the train I heard about someone who had fallen asleep and ended up where they started - I felt really sorry for them.
What I would like to say though is a huge thank you. Thank you to the kind students on the first train who made me laugh and gave me advice. For the people who looked up train times for me and showed me which platform to go on at the station I wasn't supposed to be on. Thank you to the people on the train back who wished me well and hoped I would catch it and let me get off the train first and told me which side the platform was on so I could be ready to run. 
Thank you to the girl who asked me if I was Ok when I was in tears watching my train leave. Thank you to my friend who chatted to me for half an hour as I waited for my train.
Most of you don't know me, I was a stranger but still you tried to help me. You still hoped I would get home safely and that some day I would come to think of it as an adventure and a laugh - at the moment I don't.
The people who helped me probably won't read this but anyone who is reading this - remember that most people care, and if you ever need help know there are people who will help you. If you see someone who needs help, help them and maybe you will even make them smile.

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