Am I a paper girl? Paper Towns by John Green

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Amidst the humour and brilliant characters is a book that makes you think - are we grass? Are we strings? Are we a vessel?
So if you haven't read the book what I have just said will sound like gibberish. Let us begin at the beginning.
This book has everything a good young adult book needs, it has a quirky main character in his last year of high school with his random group of friends, notably Ben (who wants to be popular) and Radar (who's parents collect anything with a black Santa on). As well as a mystery - Margo Roth Spiegelman.
One day, after a night of breaking into Seaworld and getting revenge on Margo's cheating boyfriend she disappears leaving a few clothes. She becomes an echo - or was she an echo already?
Quentin, the protagonist, hears from a policeman that everyone is a balloon, separate from every other person. Sometimes people strain and eventually the string breaks and they float off - the sky is full with these balloons and if you try to hard to pull back the strings you might look down and discover that you yourself have floated off.
The second idea that Quentin finds is in the Whitman poetry book that Margo leaves for him. This is the idea that we are all grass, connected and as one. This makes the idea of pain seem not so fatal. Eventually, we get the third idea of being a vessel. Over time things happen in life, the vessel cracks and if you look very carefully you can see the real person inside. We are all an idea, and Quentin comes to realise perhaps he doesn't know who Margo really is - he has only seen the vessel that she presented. The girl who was involved in gossip, who cared about social status and was a mystery, the Queen bee. But really she was just a paper girl, who wanted to find a paper world. 
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I would recommend it, it is also a major motion picture (I think that sounds better than film - more magical somehow).

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