Wardrobe Wonders for Winter

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Every morning you have to get up and think about what to wear, you have to think and change and stay vaguely within this centuries fashion. It's a difficult job - so what should you buy? What should you buy when you need some new clothes for autumn/winter on a budget.

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In two weeks for work or school (sixth form in England usually is the only part of school where you can wear home clothes) you need a range of about ten outfits for the weekdays. For me, jeans are a staple item in my wardrobe but I'm starting to collect more cigarette trousers which in black are perfect for winter and in patterns are brilliant for summer (but we here are concentrating on winter). Vest tops are great for layering and I like long cardigans particularly stripes - I do love a good stripe!
This year shirts are mostly definitely in fashion and the good thing is that shirts are warm as well - I feel the cold so this is a massively important factor for me. You can either wear a block colour like a pale blue (a lighter colour often looks better than something good like a grass green or bright turquoise, two colours I find hard to pull off) or you could, wear a tartan type shirt. I have to say that for a lot of things you can buy the bargain and not notice a difference - here I would say spend the extra few pounds (or dollars or whatever from whatever country you are in). I would say spend the extra money because in cheaper places the colour combinations are much harsher and not as easy to wear.
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Finally this year the layered dress is coming back for summer and is perfect for those crossover days when you don't know what the weather will be like. A denim or cord dress which can layer with jumpers underneath (polo neck looks very good). 

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Now here I am talking about what's going on in England fashion and I have enjoyed seeing the denim button down skirt appearing in multiple shops showing that often you really can buy the same somewhere else for cheaper if you only wait. I would love to know what the fashions are for autumn and winter in other countries and I'm sure my other followers would love to know as well! What do you love to wear? What can you not live without?
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