What to, Not to 13/10/15

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WHAT TO: This week my recommendation is a song and although its a bit of a throwback I feel that it should be mentioned because ever since it was featured on the 'Mindy Project' I haven't been able to get it out of my head - and that for me makes it worth mentioning. So, the song is 'XO' by Beyonce. 
Have another listen, I have put the video at the bottom so you can enjoy reliving the moment that you first heard it. The tune, the celebratory festival theme makes it brilliantly jolly. Beyonce is one of my true favourites, a little bit of her songs and I'm ready to dance no matter what kind of day it's been.

NOT TO: I also have one thing that I have to say I do not recommend, this week it is lapsang souchong tea. The smokey, tea is strong and flavoursome and tea from the actual Mount Wuyi, Funjian province of China is becoming increasingly expensive but you can buy it for considerably less from well known brands. Pine is also a flavour that comes across, and some tea experts even feel that you can taste a wisp of whiskey. 

That's it for this week's recommendations, 
Have a wonderful week, 
The Clumsy Wordshaker

Photo 1: www.thegloss.com Photo 2:  www.billboard.com  Photo 3:  tea-store.co.uk

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