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WHAT TO: I would definitely recommend watching 'The Mindy Project' I'm certainly enjoying the new series, I like the way Mindy (the character) is open about who she is, she likes celebrities and has a plan for everything be it getting her boyfriend's mother to like her or opening up a fertility clinic from San Francisco. It is a funny addition to any thursday evening and I have to say that I do like a happy ending so hopefully I will get it for the series finale in a few weeks. I will also be reading Mindy Kaling's first book soon so you might see that pop up as a review.

NOT TO: This week I would have to say, don't bother reading 'Beautiful Creatures' I haven't seen the film but the book is not really worth your time. The climatic points simply make me turn the page, and honestly I don't think I could write a very good review. According to the back it created 'Twilight level buzz' possibly before they opened the book.
I haven't yet finished it and will let you know what I think of it at the very end. There are some positive elements but sadly for me, they don't outweigh the negatives.

Catch me next week for my next what to, not to...

What this week would you recommend or not recommend - let me know and perhaps it will make its way onto my what to, not to.

Have a wonderful week,

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