Word of the Week 16/10/15

By 10:33

This week my word of the week is 


So I was sitting quite happily in Costa as I often do on a Friday enjoying a coffee and watching the world go by whilst doing some economics and everyone else was happily eating and chatting and drinking. I had just finished when I watched this woman get up and take a bottled drink. She quite calmly drank it and some other people who watched her do it were just wondering when she was going to pay. Now you see I have true faith in humanity and was just waiting for her to go up and pay, I thought perhaps she needed it but would pay as she left.
No, she did not do that. She put it in her bag and left. I was left with the feeling that I should have said,  someone should have told her to pay rather than just awkwardly stare. 
So a few minutes later I went up and paid for it, explaining what had happened and how I felt bad for not mentioning it. All the time just thinking why did no one say anything. Why did I not do anything when she was there? How many things do we let people get away with because we are too scared to mention it? How many times do we ignore something and just look in the opposite direction?
That was just my thought this week and I felt it was important to share.
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