Word of the week 2/10/15

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This week my word of the week is:


Now this might seem like a fairly random word, an odd choice, but really this week it's dominated my life. 

So firstly, I take an economics class and that has been full on,  a lot of work,  a lot of time spent trying to understand it and a lot of irritation. Most of the people I do it with are very good mathematicians whereas it sometimes takes me a little bit longer to get my head round shift/movement along the curve etc. So that's been tricky, we also all moved around and as a creature of habit I was pleased when we sat back in our original tables. 

This week I also got a dungadress  (you know those dresses that have a dungarees top but a skirt as the bottom) and some jumpers to bulk out my winter wear and this might seem unrelated to economics but I had to pay for it, and although it's a tenuous link - I did think about it. Especially when they were about to send it back because I wasn't at home when they attempted delivery - I thought, 'but I paid for that'! (To be fair I'm sure I would have been refunded but still I was annoyed I would have to wait another week - luckily I got it redelivered in the nick of time). I also wore the clothes to my economics class so I feel they are related enough to be in this post.

And now as I'm sitting in Costa I'm thinking about the opportunity cost (look at that successful use of technical terminology) of drinking my coffee instead of working. 

That's all for now - have a wonderful week!
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  1. Well linked together! I like the sound of your dungadress with chunky jumpers. It is frustrating when they send things back, glad it reached you in time x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. I was really glad that they came on time, and am pleased they actually fit as well! #wotw

  2. It's not every day I think about Economics in day-to-day circumstances but you're right it's all around us. I hate it when your delivery isn't left when you know you were in to receive it.
    Have a good week and hope you enjoyed your change of scene in Costa

    1. It's surprising when you think about it, but economics is everywhere!
      I hate it when they are late as well but I'm so glad that it eventually came. #wotw