Word of the Week 23/10/12

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This week my word of the week is:


My goodness this week has been very, very busy! I'm sure many other people this week have been feeling the strain of work and starting to think about Christmas, I have a couple of birthday's to think about and even though I'm now on holiday I still have quite a bit to do. 
Your Job, Your Health
This week I went out for the night, always nice to have an opportunity to get dressed up a bit! Although this means I have a few outstanding pieces of work I have yet to finish hopefully I will get this done over the next week. As well as doing work I am off to Newcastle for a few days which should be really lovely and I've got a few books ready for the drive (I'm not driving) so it will be good to recharge the batteries and sit and have a read. Get ready for some reviews over the next couple of months (they always come out the first Friday of the month). 

Sleep and films and books are the three words I hope will be most prominent over the next week as well as friends and family. 

I hope you all have a restful time over the next week. 

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  1. Those would be lovely words to be most prominent for the week. Hope you have a lovely one and manage to recharge x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Thanks, I hope you also have a good week and have a relaxing time x

  3. oh heaven sleep, film and books. I too am so tired so so get you here. Enjoy your week and enjoy Newcastle xxx

    1. Hopefully you get a chance to enjoy some rest and catch up on sleep x

  4. Having read a number of blogs it sounds like you aren't alone in wanting rest and relaxation right now. #WotW

  5. Absolutely it's that kind of time where everyone is shattered, hopefully everyone gets a rest