Demelza: Poldark number 2

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A while ago I wrote about Poldark and how much I had enjoyed it, so I thought I would read the second one and I have to say I loved this book just as much!

'Demelza' focuses on Demelza's transition from serving maid to mistress of the house. She as a character goes through a lot of development and although the boom by Winston Graham is written in third person a lot of it is based on Demelza and what she is doing, Demelza has her first society ball and is quite the hit and has her first child Julia who from the very beginning Graham used foreshadowing to suggest a turbulent life for the youngster, who was born in stormy weather.

Ross starts his copper smelting company and the majority of his time in the book is his high hopes and the following interlinking disasters which often have the name Warleggan following in its wake. What you don't realise until near the end is how Demelza, who is matchmaking with Captain Blamey  (considered unsuitable) and Verity, accidently causes almost certain death for Ross' company.

The Teague family and Demelza's mining family do not really appear but other lesser characters in the first book blossom in this second novel and the hatred between smooth talking George Warleggan  who has is fingers in a million pies across the countryside and Ross Poldark.
From this book, Ross could go one of two ways, he could either revert to the charming man from book one or could go deeper into the rough edged man who despises his own class for their inability to see the problems of the lower classes. Although I like how Graham explores all the different emotions and we see the flaws that many of us have: jealousy, annoyance and knowing you are being unreasonable but continuing anyway.

I am looking to forward to book number three, but I will review some others before going back to this series, would definitely recommend a read. If you have read this or any other of the Poldark series what did you think?
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  1. Do you mind if I ask you a question?

    What do you think are Demelza's personal flaws?