To whom it may concern...

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I thought for Remembrance Day I would attempt to write a poem. I tried to write it as if it was a letter from a soldier to his loved one returned after he has died. 

 To Whom It May concern

To my love,

The larks still sing though I am gone,

The crosses stand there one by one,

I do not fear what is to come,
I have already died.

First I died when I arrived,
For every time that I survived
Another man did turn and fall.
I asked God to save us then
I prayed, I whispered, I said Amen
And when the Lord did not reply
That part of me did weep and die.

Next I died in the shouts of men,
They told me not to cry again,
I tried to stop this awful pain
That seemed to resonate within my brain
I tried to hide and run away
I wanted to be strong but I started to stray.
I was scared
I was always the prey.

But every time I saw the end,
I read a letter that you’d penned
With every card I got from you,
With every reminder of love, I grew
You will keep my safe my dear,
For you I will cling to faith, my love.
No matter where I am, my beloved
Together we will always be.

The moon is always ours my darling,
the same for you as it is for me.
Though you revived me many times
It was my time to say goodbye
It was my turn to be set free
To find the cross that was meant for me.

The poppies still blow though I am gone
The sun still rises though I have left.
I have died a thousand times but only once it has seemed real.
There were a million men it seemed but I could only think of me, [dying as it came to dawn.]

There were screams and shouts of men
both dying and still alive alike
Then it hit me.
Then I fell.
Then I died.
And it was over
And I became a dead man’s soul to blow along the grassy plains.

I do not fear what is to come,
It has already been done… but -
I will live on in the hearts of every man who lives,
Of every mother that does not need to mourn.
But mostly I shall live on in you my love
And that is what matters most, my forlorn
I shall not be forgotten
I shall not disappear
I shall be a poppy and though I have no name
You will remember. 

Pic: Poppies at tower of London photo found:


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