What To, Not To 3/9/15

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WHAT TO: this week my recommendation is Spectre the new James Bond film. Now for all you American readers sadly it hasn't yet been released all the way over there yet but if you get the opportunity you should absolutely go and see it. Some people have said it is the best Bond film yet, personally I think Casino Royale and Skyfall are both better and the Skyfall song by Adele is just a dream but it is still excellent and there's a lot of exciting super spy moments. I just wish Bond could have ended up with the girl he loved - Vesper. Don't worry, I won't say any more - no spoilers in the comment section if you've seen it already!

NOT TO: on the other hand though I don't recommend the cramming for an exam the night before. Although I had done revision before this time I still needed to go over my notes and it was quite a stressful time. I'm not someone that's always on top of things but I hope that you are, and if you ever feel that there is work to be done and you think 'should I, or should I not do it, definitely do it - the longer you wait, the harder it gets. I speak from experience. 

Ok, sorry this was a short one but as I said in the 'not to' section I have some work to be doing.

Have a wonderful week,
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