What To/Not To 10/10/15

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This week:

WHAT TO: this week I recommend the John Lewis Christmas advert. If you haven't seen it, it is the most beautiful advert. Every year, John Lewis does amazing adverts that make you think about the meaning of Christmas. Last year we were all inspired by Monty the Penguin this year it's the Man on The Moon. The advert made me think about showing people that we love them, that we are thinking about them over the Christmas period no matter how far away they are - even if they're on the moon. By the time of writing this the advert on YouTube has already had five million views and I have linked the video to this post so no matter where you are in the world you can think about the festive season. Thank you John Lewis for making a nation cry and feel all Christmassy.

NOT TO: this week I don't recommend wild mushroom soup. I love soup, I love it especially in
winter, it makes me all warm inside and especially with warm bread - delicious. But wild mushroom
is not the same as cream of mushroom - very different, one is very very good the other is very very not good. Personally it's just too strong, too funghi like and that's coming from someone who always has mushrooms on their
margarita pizza.

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 Have a wonderful week, the Clumsy Wordshaker

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  1. It is a beautiful advert, and thanks for the heads up on the wild mushroom soup!