Word of the Week 13/11/15

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This week my word of the week is:


I sadly thought I had the day off on Thursday but that turned out to be wrong, I still get a day off but next Thursday instead. I also had to do an essay, in fact I had quite a few this week, but in one essay we were specifically told the number of paragraphs we had to write. We were all told very precisely and yet I still did the wrong number - at least it should mean I definitely remember next time.

This weekend I am also going to help out by doing some face-painting at a party. I stupidly assumed that I would just pick up the skill as and when I needed it, it was only when I realised I have absolutely no idea how to transfer the image of a tiger to a child's face. I was very wrong about face-painting. I totally overestimated my skills. I will let you know how it goes now that I have spent some time looking at designs on Google using the keywords 'simple' and 'basic'.

As I finished up my Wednesday I got back home and was super excited about the new episode of 'The Big Bang Theory'. I was up to date with the series and after a busy day I was looking forward to it. So I looked up the guide on the television only to see film running over everything I usually wrong. After being very confused for quite a while until I eventually realised that it was actually Thursday not Wednesday that it was on.

That's all this week, have a wonderful weekend,

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  1. Oh no, what a frustrating week for you! I hate it when I think I have a new episode of a show I love to watch and I've mixed up the days. Here's hoping next week it will all be all 'right' x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Hopefully next week will work out a bit better, at least my trains were not cancelled though x

  2. Oh dear - hope you have a good day off when it actually gets here. But what a disappointment ;) #wotw

    1. Thanks, I'm really looking forward to the day off x