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Due to various reasons the fireworks we were planning to have got delayed. Due to birthdays and other plans it has ended up being on this weekend. Although the good thing is, that having the fireworks now really fits with the festive spirit. All the Christmas lights have come on, Christmas fairs have come to town and ice-rinks have been set up (I have even seen a real reindeer)! So having fireworks really brought home the festive spirit.

With some friends and a ton of explosives we set the sky alight and it looked super magical. I love the sound of fireworks and especially the surprise fireworks where you don't know what to expect and they turn out even better than you could possibly imagine. I am very lucky as the local gardens always has an amazing show and if I look out of my windows I can see them - free show!

Annoyingly though if fireworks go on too late then can keep you awake. This year some people did fireworks until two in the morning - and sadly I couldn't even see them.

This time we didn't put a 'Guy Fawkes' on the bonfire although in previous years I have. That's very satisfying! It also reminds you of the gunpowder plot - a story that came up time and time again in primary school November lessons.

Have a wonderful, magical week

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  1. Ah, sounds lovely. I like watching them, but like you, get annoyed when they go on all night! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x