Christmas Day

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Christmas Day!

It’s finally here! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Whatever background, religion, country, whoever you are, wherever you are, I wish you a brilliant day. I hope that each of you have a wonderful day. I hope this day, is the day that in the cold February days you will think back on and smile. Be it a white Christmas or a sunny one, I hope you are merry and bright. May your days be jolly and wonderful and may you be able to enjoy seeing friends and family open up any gift that you bought them/ made them. I hope they love them.
I hope that you can take a minute, at whatever point in the day, and remember the true meaning of Christmas: reconnecting with loved ones, showing someone that you care, bringing happiness and thinking for one moment in a life which is busy and cluttered and chaotic about somebody else. For one minute concentrate on being there in the moment. Take a minute and think about Christmas, think about the time, the energy, the effort and how for months people have been thinking about this one day. One day in a year. But, if you think about it for a moment it isn’t really just about one day. The mix tape someone gave you highlights over the last year they have paid attention to you, they know what you like – they care. That box of vegemite in the corner tells you they know how much that spread really does mean to you. The book that you found for a friend that they have searched for, for weeks illustrates that you are willing to search for something if it means something to them, even if it doesn’t mean anything to you – because that is how much you love them.  Cards from the Christmas fairs, songs from the sixties, when you think about it Christmas is more than one day. Christmas is forever.
Have a wonderful wintery, magically merry Christmas,
The Clumsy Wordshaker

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