Christmas Eve

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I can’t believe it! This is post twenty four out of twenty five! One day until Christmas! As you may be able to tell, by all the exclamation marks I am super excited.

The last few weeks have been simply the best. I have written about Christmas Fairs (day 2) and Advent (day 13). I written lots of lists – special starry gift lists (day 3) and normal gifts (day 10) as well as book lists (day 17) and song lists (day 21) and it has been truly magical.

I have absolutely loved getting into the Christmas spirit with everyone and a big thank you to everyone for joining in – for taking a look, for joining me on social media, and for commenting. It has meant so much as I come to my first Christmas as a blogger. One last piece of advice for Christmas Eve, just fill yourself with Christmas spirit! Go to Church if you wish and join in with the magic of Midnight mass or go and be with your friends and family. Eat mince pies or Christmas cake. Watch good Christmas films (day 7 and 14) or cheesy Christmas films (well, they really are all a bit cheesy)! Have fun, get ready for tomorrow. Write the last few present labels and wrap the last few gifts, tie the last few ribbons and sparkle some glitter on the last few cards. Good luck with every part of tonight.

Have a wonderful wintery week,

The Clumsy Wordshaker

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