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This year, much like every other, Christmas is coming to towns and cities all across the world. I visited a number of Christmas fairs, from the rapidly growing Bury St. Edmunds fair with other 300 stalls from across the globe going from the historic angel hill to the modern arc, to the inner-city Birmingham Christmas fair that was positively glowing with festivities.
I tried French crepes, Chinese duck rolls and even a German hot-dog. I searched through the stalls to look for gifts for friends and family, I saw everything from Bonsai trees, to the 'best thing to buy your dog this Christmas'. However the best thing about visiting a Christmas fair is feeling of being immersed in festive spirit, having a laugh and enjoying what people from everywhere in the world have to offer.

My favourite time of year is when local town gets the Christmas tree, when this huge fir tree is stood right in the centre and strung with gleaming lights. When this tree is surrounded by a great crowd of people all sipping hot chocolate or carrying presents for their loved ones the effect is simply magical.

As you may guess, the Birmi
ngham Christmas fair regularly gets hundreds of thousands of visitors, it is popular and it is in the second biggest city in England so what they have is pretty amazing. Bury St. Edmunds fair was smaller, but still had tens of thousands of visitors and by talking to some of the people I ascertained that some from outside the United Kingdom's borders actually make it their annual trip to England - it's just that special!
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Have a wonderful week, let me know below which fairs you went to - were they very festive? Did you get anything particularly special?

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