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Image result for miranda the perfect christmasIt is now only three days until Christmas. Commercial radio is going crazy on Christmas and the television is starting to fill up with festive films and television programmes. I thought for this post I would share with you my plans for the day itself, why not share your plans too?

This year I am with my Mum for Christmas Day, I will wake up and stick to the tradition, from when I was younger, of only opening one present before breakfast. I have chosen especially for the occasion some delicious Pain Au Chocolat (a Christmas treat)! Then with my stocking (which always contains a couple of clementines and a packet of Rowntrees 'Fruit Pastilles) I will pop in the car with Mum and listen to BBC Radio 2s Children's Classics (I am fairly sure it will be on this year), they basically play all the classic kid's Christmas songs that everyone can sing along to. We will be driving to my Aunt and Uncle's this Christmas and enjoying a yummy roast dinner with crackers and silly paper hats. We will read out the jokes and then continue to open various presents that have been kept simply to be able to open a present in the afternoon. After lunch me and my cousin will probably play some Christmas duets on the piano and just generally have a laugh and then we will all settle down with a box of chocolates and watch some traditional Christmas telly (I'm thinking the Doctor Who and Downton Abbey Special).

Finally, some of the little 'party' food pieces will be pushed into the oven and we will eat  (even though we don't really need to) various bits of hot food, from mini- burgers to Chinese spring rolls. After some films and whatever else we can fit into the day, we will go (very full, and very cheery) to bed. The next day I am off again, to my Dad's where other presents will be opened, music played and family seen. I will have more than my fair share of food (a lot of roast dinners) and it will all be peachy. Of course, every year something doesn't quite go to plan. Normally we like to watch the Queen's speech on Christmas Day, but sometimes we only get to see the highlights. Lunch always gets pushed back because things happened like the turkey was not put in at the right time or the Brussel sprouts were put on late (do you like sprouts? I have to say I'm becoming more of a fan each year). And of course, by the time you have stuffed your face with stuffing (and the rest of the roast dinner), does anyone really fancy pudding?

That's just what we do, little quirks and traditions that don't mean a thing that we happen to do every year as well as some things that most people do.

What are you doing on Christmas day? When do you have lunch? Do you watch the Queen's Speech? Is there one film you watch every year? Let me know, below!

Have a wonderful week,

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