Christmas Trees

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This year, like every year, we went off to buy a Christmas tree. The smell of the trees are basically the smell of Christmas, especially combined with the waft of cinnamon candles and mulled wine in the air.

After purchasing the tree, we went to have a look around the gift store, every year I fall in love with the decorations and this year was no different. I have a few top decorations that I like, a glass angel a friend bought me many years ago, a little stocking decoration that is part of a matching set and some pinky/red baubles that reflect the glow of the Christmas tree lights.

The tree that I have, is never allowed tinsel. Tinsel is either wrapped around banisters on staircases or made into a fake fire (now sadly, I can't do this). However, we do put lights on the tree and there is always that psycho setting where it flashes like crazy and hurts everyone's eyes.

Sadly, the angel on our Christmas tree died. Various body parts (like the head) started to fall off, and no matter how much superglue was applied sadly, it didn't work and so this year the angel has had to be replaced. Do you have an angel or a star? Or something completely different?

I really love Christmas trees however; I am thinking perhaps one day a fake tree will stand in its place. They are really rather realistic and last year I saw a great review of one that looked absolutely fabulous - and it would save all the vacuuming of the needles it drops and having to make sure it is properly watered so it doesn't die before Christmas day.

What kind of tree do you have? When do you think the best time to buy a tree is?

Have a wonderful week,

The Clumsy Wordshaker

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