First Post of the Festive Season

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This is my first post of the Christmas season and I will be doing a Christmas Countdown on my blog!
Image result for christmasEvery day for the next twenty-five days I will do a post. I will do some of my regular posts, like 'What To, Not To, that I do most Tuesdays, as well as my weekly link up with the Reading Residence's 'Word of the Week'. I will do some picture posts and basically fill you all with Christmas spirit (or at least that's the plan)!

It should be really exciting, I have a few things planned, a couple of interesting interviews to look forward to, a new launch (very, very exciting) as well as lots of other spontaneous things that I decide to write about.

So get ready for some festive fun, get ready for lists, books, people and words. Fill yourself with excitement, open the first door of your advent calendar, wrap your presents, think about religion - because it's Christmas Time

Whatever religion, wherever you are in the world, I hopefully should have something for everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful December whatever you're doing! If you're going on holiday, have a brilliant one.

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Christmas Countdown

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