Gift Ideas for People You Don't Really Know

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Every year people have to get gifts for acquaintances, for a secret santa that you don't know well or you just don't know what they like. Here are a few gifts that go down well for everyone.


Desktop Mini Henry VacuumEveryone's desks get messy and this sweet little Henry vacuum will help clear that right up and for less than £10. This is the perfect gift for that office worker who keeps getting crumbs in their computer keyboard.

Each about £4 with a delicious smell and perfect for pretty much everyone. If I were you though, I would stay away from coconut because a significant proportion of the population are not very keen on that smell. So unless you know they like coconut, stick with other fruity smells. 

For big fans of 'The Big Bang Theory' or just the kind of person who you feel would like a jokey t-shirt then here is an idea. 

Cinema Tickets, Gift Cards and More

Get the person a gift voucher for the cinema. The cinema is the kind of thing that people really enjoy going to but put it off to save money so give them the opportunity to go watch something they would really love. Gift cards - iTunes is often really popular but if they mention a certain clothes shop or music shop or film shop (or amazon - which would allow them to buy anything) then go for that instead. 

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