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All the festive food is in the supermarkets, seasonal cards are being rapidly put out on display and everywhere you look is another Christmas offer. This all happens under the heading of 'seasonal'. People are prepared to buy the 'seasonal' biscuits or box of chocolates because they know that this is the only time of year they can get them. Now I love Jaffa Cakes and with it being Christmas they have brought out their seasonal stocking filler (the tube is actually bigger than any stocking I've ever owned) and I have to say if seasonal means bigger boxes of what I love with snowflakes on - I'm all for it. 

Part of me wishes that all this festivity could be constant, a lot of these things only get bought because they only come out once a year. However, it's the whole 'Christmas every day' situation - if it was magical all year round then the seasonal things wouldn't be special any more - I would always have awkwardly huge packs of Jaffa Cakes and our chicken consumption would go through the roof. 

On my blog I've been counting down to Christmas - I've been posting every day making it all very festive - but that too is seasonal - I don't think you would want to know the top Christmas films necessarily in June? 

Have a wonderful winters week, 

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  1. All so true. It's special because it only happens now, I think. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. It's all very special hope you are having a wonderful time as well #wotw x