Word of the Week 17/12/15

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 This week, my word of the week is: Nearly

Over the last few days I have written about gift ideas for people you know well and those acquaintances that are difficult to buy for.  I have done posts about books to read over the festive period and some Christmas films you may fancy watching one wintery evening and the excitement is definitely increasing. I am really looking forward to Christmas and now, with one week to go, it all feels very close. It is nearly Christmas, nearly time to break out the board games and the boxes of chocolates, it is nearly time to give people those presents you searched hard for and nearly time to see their reaction. It is so close now that I can practically hear the sound of Santa Claus' sleigh bells.

The problem with this week though, was it just went very slowly, all week we were waiting for the Christmas holidays, all week they were nearly there but not quite. The advent calendar that I have was simply sitting there reminding me about how close I was to all the festivities but how far away they also were.

On the other hand, waiting gives Christmas a touch of magic. It allows the waiting, the endless preparations, the Christmas trees and the decorating to build up inside of us. This whole period could be considered Christmas really. What would Christmas be if you didn't have all the memories of the last few weeks? If you didn't think about all the laughter with friends, all the songs that whirled around your head over the last month and all of the traditions you have. So even though I cannot wait for Christmas, I am enjoying this nearly stage as well. I'm enjoying the anticipation and what I am doing on my blog and also, I am enjoying waiting.

Have a wonderful wintery week,

The Reading Residence

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  1. I like the 'nearly' stage, too. The countdown is as much a part of Christmas as the day itself, I think. Hope you have a wonderful time, and thanks very much for joining in with #WotW x