Happy 2016!

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Happy 2016 everybody I hope it is a wonderful year for everyone of you!
Like a great many of you, I have some new years resolutions :
This year I am going to continue my blog, I will keep up to date with work and do some more cooking. I am going to revise and try hard, practise piano and get through the exam.
I hopefully will be able to do them, they seem achievable to me, what are your new years resolutions? What do you plan to do this coming year?

I also have a few hopes for my blog:
I would love it if I could get a few more people to comment on my posts, I would really like to get up to 1000 twitter followers and have a few more people sign up by email. I would like to keep up the standards and have some great posts, guests and interviews as well as share more with you what's going on in my life.
What are you planning to do this new year? I'm planning on a nice roast dinner and perhaps even a glass of a little something!

Once again,  a happy new year and thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful week,

The Clumsy Wordshaker
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