Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and other concerns)

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It's always good to have a book that you can read again. A book that tells the untold story of childhood - most people didn't always know what job they wanted to be in. Most children changed friends over time and gradually discovered what they liked and didn't like. Mindy highlights all of these things and for that I have to applaud her. Not many people would be so open about things that are, so often in the media, portrayed differently. If you just go by what happens in a lot of sitcoms and other television shows, you might think - but that's not what I'm like, am I wrong? Should I be more like that?

Mindy, however, is who she is. She played chess as a child and didn't want to go diving (she just went on the diving board so she could see out further). Mindy liked watching comedy shows and she was truly decent - in seeing her other friends that she used to 'hang out' with at school she didn't ditch the girl she was shopping with which many others would do.

Mindy knows what she wants from life and she voices it. She has he career the books and the television programmes (The Office - USA version - was mentioned in the book but in the UK we only watch the UK version so The Mindy Project you may be more likely to have seen). Mindy has it covered. But she also admits to wanting to be married, to have a family and how that is one of her goals.

This book is charming. I enjoyed reading it and her wit came through which was a blessing after reading some other rather dull books! Recently her second book: "Why Not Me?" came out and if anyone has read that I would love to know what it is like.

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