What To/Not To 5/01/16

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Welcome back to the Clumsy Wordshaker for 2016! Did you have a good winter break?
This week – What To:
Get organised! It’s always hard to get back to work and to thinking about everything but at some point it needs to be done. I am organising 2016 on my blog and making sure I’m ready for summer when everything gets busy again. With the work I have to do I am going to timetable what I need to do and then I can make sure I do everything by the date it’s due. I am also going to get organised with my New Year’s resolution – I am doing an after Christmas detox where I am going to get fitter and healthier.  I will be posting about this detox so you can keep up with that there (also that makes another incentive for me to actually keep it up). I am also trying to get organised with fantastic people for me to interview over the year. Do let me know if you would like me to review your product by emailing me theclumsywordshaker@gmail.com .
Not To: Don’t set unachievable New Years resolutions. If you know you will never be able to give up going to the cinema every day then maybe just cut it down to certain days. If you know that signing up to four gym classes will mean you won’t do any, then instead pick one and perhaps get a friend to come too. Make your resolution achievable and remember it doesn’t have to be to give up something, or to make a fundamental lifestyle change, it can simply be something such as: to smile more often on the train, to make conversation with a few more people at work, or to pick up a pencil in your spare time and do some drawing. My New Year’s resolution as I mentioned above is to be fitter and healthier. I am not unhealthy but I would like to be fitter but I am one of those people that sets out to do a lot and does much less. This time though, my goals are more achievable and therefore actually more beneficial. What are your New Years Resolution? How are getting on with it so far?
Have a wonderful week,
The Clumsy Wordshaker

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