Word of the Week 15/01/16

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I have had the great fortune of having half days this week which has made the transition from Christmas to full blown work has been staggered quite nicely. As a result of this I decided to cycle to and from the train station - but I only cycled a couple of days, approximately half of the days.

It has also started half-heartedly snowing in Britain. It is well documented that in Britain the weather is talked about a lot, I once spent an entire train journey discussing rain - is it raining, or is that car not using its windscreen wipers because it's off? So many questions so little time! So, as the temperature begins to drop and the weather apps show up with snow forecasted the entire nation goes into a frenzy of excitement. Although we all follow the initial thrill with the actual likelihood of snow based on previous year etc. so all in all, snow has made up a huge proportion of my topics of conversation - about half of them.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful week,
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  1. Fun choice of word, a week of halves for you! Sounds like a nice way to ease back into work, too. We are on snow watch here, the kids are desperate for it! We will see... Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. I wish it would snow properly as well! Hopefully your kids have the opportunity to build a snowman or at least make some snowballs

  3. Sounds like the perfect compromise to getting back into work after Christmas, and even if you cycle jtpt half the days it's more exercise than none!
    Keep warm p!!