The Life of Pi

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A little boy called Piscine (Pi) after a French swimming pool whose family owns a zoo in the middle of India (Pondicherry) and who follows the Muslim, Hindu and Christian faith becomes a castaway on a small lifeboat with a Royal Bengal Tiger.

The tiger, named Richard Parker after an administration error, becomes a constant terror and constant supporter. His company terrifying yet comforting as Pi sails across the Pacific Ocean. This book was blunt, there was no soft touch, no smearing off the bad times and that is what makes it so beautiful.

I felt as though I was there. I felt I too was smiling and shouting to God in the thunder storm. I felt I was learning to fish, to hack off their heads and enjoy every part of them. Pi became an image in my mind that I would think about - would I have had the sense to train a tiger or would I just have accepted the worst fate as the only fate.

Pi's story is told by Pi as he is talking to a writer many years later (don't worry that isn't much of a spoiler that bit of information is released very early)! The writer is searching for a story - and he finds that story in Pi.

Life of PiAt one point in the book a man disbelieves Pi, disbelieves his story and Pi reminds him that he only can't imagine a tiger in a lifeboat because he has never seen a tiger in a lifeboat - not because it is untrue. Pi carries with him a sense of 'right' and a strong sense of religion that even in the darkest times he does not lose.

This book was brilliant. I also now have a better idea of what to do if I end up in a boat with some zoo animals.

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